Best Canopy Tent Reviews 2017 – Buying Guide

Tents are one of the most essential and fundamental pieces of survival equipment designed by man. However, as time has progressed through the centuries and shelter has become more abundant, the nation has innovated upon the tent concept to create the Canopy Tent.

The canopy tent is primarily based on the originally pegged tent design, however, it is not typically used for people to sleep in. Canopy tents are more often used for keeping people warm during outdoor soirees and parties. Canopy tents have also progressed to be used to keep cars, motorcycles, boats and other luxurious items out on display without the risk of rain and weather damage. These tents also provide fantastic temporary shelter for mechanics and laborers who are working in cold, windy conditions.

Are you looking for the best canopy tent? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on.

Our Picks For The 5 Best Canopy Tents

Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System

Coleman really did impress when they released this beauty of a canopy tent. The material used to fabricate this tent is very high-quality UVGuard fabric with 50+ UPF rating. This tent continues to tick all the boxes with its innovative 3-step, a 3-minute process for setting it up. The tent itself is fantastic and it just gets better with the amazing LED lighting system it houses, which will allow your parties to continue on into the night! Just to top off the cake, a fully functioning dimmer switch operates the lighting system for those occasions where you’d like a little more ambiance.

Check Price of the Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System

Northern Breeze – Screen House

Just look at that canopy tent! You just can’t help being impressed. Eureka took everything everybody wanted and fabricated the dream tent to perfection. The combination of an indoor area and an outdoor awning allows for food storage and a seating area, usable in both hot and cold conditions. This canopy tent is more than just that though, it is a mini-house for your parties, complete with built-in curtain rails. The material is deliberately chosen to be high quality, sturdy and surprisingly lightweight. The roof has a brilliant UV resistance and the material is snap-clipped to the aluminum frame for quick and easy set-up every time. Reviews for this product put it on a pedestal as one of the greatest tents available, though with amazing quality comes an increase in price.

Check Price of the Northern Breeze – Screen House

Wenzel Smartshade Canopy

The Smartshade Canopy tent puts Wenzel in 3rd position. This one does exactly what you would expect; it provides great cover, rain protection and holds solid against the wind. Wenzel also supplies additional walls and screens for this model that can be used to upgrade it. This canopy also has an adjustable height feature. Reviews state that this tent stands firm and provides brilliant shelter for your events.

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E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy

This tent just edged into the top 5 mostly because of the level of quality it provides for such a cheap cost. The Sierra II has brilliant UV protection properties and great reviews to back up its claims. It is available in a variety of colors and ranges from 10-feet x 10-feet to 12-feet x 12-feet. The structure’s frame is fabricated from steel and coated in a white powder corrosion resistor to handle the outdoor environment.

Check Price Of the E-Z Up Sierra II canopy

Lightspeed Quick Cabana

This is more of a beach tent, though a lot of people have raved about using it as a small picnic canopy and due to its also most perfect reputation, it made the list. It uses a telescopic pole system for quick set-up and tear-down and will work great in the garden or at the beach. The material has great durability properties and the tent is extraordinarily lightweight. If you’re looking for a small and portable canopy, this will be perfect for you and what’s great is.

Check Price Of the Lightspeed Quick Cabana

Canopy Tent Guide

What Are A Canopy?

When we say canopy, the definition would tell us about the thick overhead forest cover above the person. When it comes to an outdoor activity, one could notice it as a large sheet of vinyl or canvas sheet providing cover for the guests.

A canopy is a portable and temporary shelter made of canvas, supported by a framework of wooden or metal poles and further secured with pegs and ropes. It comes in many sizes and colors, but the main feature of this outdoor equipment is its handiness. Light and easy to assemble, it is not burdensome to carry around. Some sheets are made of canvas and they are quite expensive. A cheaper alternative is those made of PVC, but this kind tends to absorb heat.

What are the main types of canopies?

1. Pop-up canopy this is a type of canopy that is very useful for almost any event. It is sometimes called a retractable canopy because it is easily folded and kept for storage.

2. Caravan canopy this is a type of canopy that is like an extension of a van. The good thing about this outdoor canopy tent is that it can be taken anywhere. It extends from the roof of the van then outwards.

3. Vehicle canopy as the name suggests, this is a canopy designed specifically for shielding a car from elements of the weather.

4. House canopy this is usually a front door canopy. Since this canopy is permanently placed above the door, it is usually made of stronger materials like steel. More elaborate designs include bricks and vinyl roofing.

What is the important of a canopy?

A canopy offers good protection from outdoor elements. It can be used night and day, depending on the celebration. A garden canopy can even make an intimate dinner date worth remembering.

A canopy can be used for rugged terrain or in a formal occasion. The door canopy in the house can give shade to the person against sunlight or the rain what the roof above cannot do. Vehicle canopy is a cheaper alternative for building a garage for the car. A commercial canopy is widely used during product expos and conventions because it is cheap and easy to set up.

Its canvas can also be customized to suit the needs of the company.

Whether it is an expensive or a cheap canopy, the bottom line is that a canopy has myriads of uses. Its portability is one of the main reasons why a canopy is popular to many people. A canopy design can even highlight an important event.

The next time a person hears the word canopy, the definition should always be its usefulness, handiness, and creativity.

How to choose the right kind of canopy tent?

One must consider how many people are going to use the tent before getting it. If a person intends to use it only for one to three persons, perhaps the smallest beach canopy tent can be used. It is advised, though, that bigger beach canopy tents are better because they do not only fill in more people but also they provide a wider shade.

Ensure also that all canopy parts are found upon buying the equipment.

The cost of beach canopy tents differs from their brands, lengths, accessories and canopy designs. One does not have to pay much for a good beach canopy tent. In every specialized store, there is a cheap canopy that can still serve its purpose to the person.

It is just a matter of budget management before which kind of canopy suits the person best.

Things To Look For In The Best Canopy Tent

Firstly, you need to make certain that the canopy tent you are buying is fabricated from strong, high quality, good grade materials. This means you want to be looking for a high mesh and thread count in the material parts of the tent and a relatively high gauge count on the structure’s frame. Finding a canopy tent that has both of these characteristics might push the price up a little, though it will definitely be worth it overall when it is standing strong against harsh winds and party-wrecking rain.

Styles and Designs

The style and design of a canopy tent can vary a lot and thus you should have in mind exactly what shape, color, and design you are looking for. The styles differ mostly in their shape. The standard square or rectangular tent is extremely popular, however, tents with a more rounded shape are available. You will also need to decide whether you want opaque walls, no walls at all or walls with translucent windows. A large selection of colors are available, yet White is the most common due to its reflective capabilities.

You also need to note how easy the canopy is to set up. I’m sure you don’t want to spend your entire morning setting up a canopy tent so always try to look for one with a quick and simple process for erecting the tent.

It’s Up To You

Canopy tents are great for outdoor activities. Whether the day is rainy or sunny, canopy tents provide cheaper but presentable alternatives for temporary outdoor shelter. One of the great things about them is that they come in many sizes and designs, and most of them are even friendly on the pocket.

I have presented all of the information you require to buy the best canopy tent for you. There is no need to keep looking about for the same information, get yours today and start planning your perfect party!

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