Best Spinning Reel For The Money 2017 

Finding the best spinning reel is all about doing one’s research prior to making the purchase. It is easy to get wooed in by the salesperson’s words, but with adequate research, the right decision can be made with ease. There are a number of factors to keep in mind when looking for the right reel to suit you. Fishing is all about having the right equipment in hand to get results that are meaningful and memorable. Let’s take a glance at a few tips required before going to buy the best spinning reel out there.

If you love fishing, chances are that you already own several spinning reels. Are they performing well enough? Spinning reels are specific to either saltwater or freshwater. The latter are made with materials not hardened enough prevent corrosion, making them more affordable.

When looking for the best spinning reels, one should take into account the following features:

Line capacity – In salt water environments, tough lines are the best to work with as they can withstand the corrosion effects and handle bigger fish without breaking.

Durability and Strength – Composite materials and advanced metal alloys are used to ensure durability and strength at the minimum weight.

Environment – The habitats and structure in saltwater environments challenge the line and spinning reel limits; the reels go well when used with trolling lines for catching larger fish.

Anti-reverse – To set a successful hook, the timing must be precise. With the anti-reverse function, the line’s motion is stopped when pulled, making your work easier.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Reel

The first thing noticeable about a spinning reel is the grip. How does it feel in the hands? Is it too big or does it feel just right? These are questions that should be asked right away.
The finest spinning reels will be ones that are designed to have a non-slip grip to ensure the spinning reel doesn’t go flying out into the water. It is very easy to lose grip while fishing and therefore it becomes imperative to find a solution that will remain firm when one’s hands are wet.

Line Capacity

There are two factors to consider when mulling over the line capacity of a spinning reel. The first aspect to focus on is the amount of line that the spinning reel can handle in terms of yards/metres. Another aspect to keep in mind is the lines weight and how much the spinning reel can handle in this regard.

Putting 20 lbs of line on a reel that is made for 6 lbs is a battle no one is going to win. It is best to make a sound decision in regards to the line capacity well before making the payment.

Type of Fishing

Fishing and the type of spinning reel that is going to be picture-perfect has a lot more to do with the type of fishing that is being done than the equipment. For example, a lighter fishing reel is great in a certain condition but can lead to horrible results in other situations. It is all about the kind of fishing that will be taking place.

A sturdier reel is better for those locations where there are a lot of underwater hazards that have to be kept in mind. This will ensure the reel does not snap under the pressure of getting caught onto something or snapping up a larger fish.

Open waters allow for lighter reels that have more give to provide more flexibility. Always keep these factors in mind when going to buy a spinning reel.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the spinning reel are important, but once again it comes down to the type of fishing that will take place.

A heavier spinning reel might seem like a good idea in hazardous waters, but a bad one in open waters. A balance has to be found and it is important to do one’s research before going to the store and making a purchase.

As I prepared for my fishing expedition, here are 8 best spinning reels I looked into:

Our Picks Of Best Spinning Reels For The Money 2017 

Best Spinning Reel Under 100 – Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel


  • Its versatility allows it to be used in fresh and saltwater
  • It offers you instant reverse and longer casting
  • It has a comfortable-to-use handle shank
  • It is lightweight and build with long lasting material


  • The line capacity might be a bit small for some people

Compared to others in its category, Shimano Siena is more affordable but still offers you premium features. When I held it in my hand, I was immediately fascinated by the all-metal build; this certainly made it lighter!

Once I cast it out, there was no noticeable vibration or noise. Designed to be rust resistant, this reel does well in salty and fresh water environments alike.

Offering You Longer Casts

Through Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management, you will be able to make longer cats without the danger of backlash. This spinning reel uses Super Stopper II, giving you instant reverse. If you catch a size 500 and below fish, there won’t back play.

Being ultra light, you can comfortably catch 4000 size fish with it.

If you want to replace your reel, you can hardly go wrong with Shimano Sienna FD.

Check prices on the Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel

Best Freshwater Spinning Reel – Daiwa BG Spinning Reels


  • An infinite anti-reverse system
  • Air rotor weighing 15% less than other designs
  • Braided line-ready spool
  • Infinite dual anti-reverse system
  • Extra-large digigear for easier operation


  • It might be a bit tricky to use for first-timers

The Daiwa spinning reels feature a complete range of reels, right from the heavy big-game saltwater to the ultra-light freshwater model. To provide internal parts stability and strength, Daiwa BG features an aluminum body and cover, both machined.

Through the anodization process, the aluminum adheres more and doesn’t peel easily.

Sturdy Screw-in Handle

With its intuitive handle design, there is zero play and movement between the handle arm and main gear. As the angler, this gives you more control and confidence as you rotate the handle. The firm grip on the handle is easy to maintain.

ABS Spool

The reverse taper, combined with the maximized core diameter, means that your line is 100% usable! You can fill it right up to the spool’s edge.

With the specific options to choose from, you can get exactly what you want from Daiwa BG spinning reels at no extra cost but more importantly, for your peace of mind.

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Best Spinning Reel Under 50 – Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel


  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Never jams
  • Very smooth casting
  • Strong, durable material
  • An advanced spinning wheel
  • Handle heavier fish and bigger lines
  • Cheap price


  • Fits a small line amount
  • The reel is considerably smaller than others

As arguably one of the best spinning reels, Mitchell 300 has many useful features and comes at a particularly comfortable price. Its carbon fiber drag and polymeric body are lightweight and very sturdy. To assure you of longevity, it features a superior ergonomic build.

Long-Lasting and Convenient

Apart from its size fitting perfectly in any fishing rod, this spinning reel handles big fish with ease, withstanding very heavy lines. The reel’s 8 bearings together with the anti-reverse feature made my fishing expedition all-the-more effortless and fun!

Consistent pressure is ensured throughout and equitably distributed along the rod and line. From its highly innovative design, it is clear why the best spinning reels continue to be much sought after. With its ability to surround the rotor completely, you will hardly miss a shot.

This reel can last for years and still offer the best performance.

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Best Shimano Spinning Reel – Shimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reel (4:8:1)


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • A Strong, light, and multi-functional reel
  • Great performance and superior quality


  • It is considerably heavier than the competing models

As an updated version of the Shimano classic live-bait reel, this model comes with advanced technology, allowing the bait to move more naturally. The secondary drag system enables free spooling for easier handling.

For both right and left-handed anglers, Shimano Baitrunner has some breath-taking structures such as cold forged aluminum, instant anti-reverse stopper, Management System of Propulsion Line, and so on.

Several Available Models

Depending on your needs, one can choose from among the 4000D, 6000D, 8000D, and 12000D models. The two smaller models are suitable for using with squid and Lillie bait for capturing the Snappers. The larger models are suitable for rougher environments and capture equally large fish.

If you are just starting out on fishing, this reel is easy to work with and lasts a lifetime.

Check prices on the Shimano Baitrunner

Best Spinning Reel for Bass – Shimano Stradic FK Reel


  • Phenomenal gear system
  • Very affordable
  • Smooth and consistent rotor
  • Smooth drag
  • Excellent casting


  • The drag is not very smooth at the drag range’s highest end
  • Heavier than other similar-sized spinning reels

As a trusted spinning reel producer for the last 50 years, Shimano took its FK model to the next level of performance. Cosmetically, it is quite different from its predecessors. It offers you most of the patented technology, making it extremely easy to work with. For instance, it shines through as you fish!


Featuring a 6+1 bearing system, the components are safely protected from corrosion by the shields on both sides. Even when a good deal of line is in the water, the Super Stopper II anti-reverse roller bearing allows for immediate hook setting and has no back play.

Line Retrieval and Gear Ratios

Hovering around the 6:1 range, Shimano Stradic’s gears make the angler’s work almost effortless. The ratio is versatile enough to allow for the performance of several reel fishing applications. The line retrieval rate has been kicked up, getting the caught fish on your boat faster.

A majority of the Shimano Stradic models are suitable for use in freshwater, though a number of them can be used in the corrosive saltwater.

The performance and technology used in this spinning reel go beyond its price tag. It was quite difficult for me to identify flaws!

Check prices on the Shimano Stradic FK Reel

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel – Abu Garcia Orra SX Spinning Reel


  • A lightweight option
  • A durable aluminum-reinforced C6 carbon body
  • Very affordable
  • A superior 5.8.1 gearbox
  • Retrieves your cast in seconds


  • Relatively heavy lines will trouble the tangles

As one of the most popular fishing reel choices around, Abu Garcia Orra SX is perfect for those who want to better their freshwater fishing skills. The reel’s C6 carbon body makes it strong enough to handle bigger fish and stronger swings.

The freshwater bass can grow pretty large to break apart a poorly-built spinning reel. For a completely seamless user experience, the reel has one roller bearing and 8 stainless-steel HPRC bearings.

Absolute Control

To keep your line from tangling and swaying uncontrollably, this reel has a Rocket Line Management System, you end up saving time and perform at your peak! The stainless steel shaft goes a long way in making the reel durable and strong.

The Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system used ensures that your drag performance is at its best too. With such a combination of features, it is absolute fun using this spinning reel!

I learned to love this fishing reel pretty quickly, owing to its simplicity of use; it gets a thumbs up!

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Best Inshore Spinning Reel – Fin-Nor IFS 3000 Spinning


  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Easy to work with even for beginners
  • Super-smooth compact reel
  • Affordable price
  • Oversize gear bearings


  • The drag is not as smooth when the drag range is at its highest end

Built to capture kahawai, trout, and other tough’ fish, this reel has been designed to support heavy loads. The smartly built features make fishing not only easy but also an enjoyable experience. For a long time, Fin-Nor has dominated the market as a quality product, as is visible in their 3000 model.

The spinning reel came equipped with 4 bearings, making it easy for me to try out several challenging moves. Its aluminum spool reduces its weight considerably while ensuring its strength and stability.


Fin-Nor IFS 3000 requires very little maintenance. Assuming that you won’t be using it too often, it can go for up to 6 months without requiring any minor repairs. However, greasing and spraying with Inox every two months or so will keep it in its best shape.

The semi-shield only adds to its attractive design, making it the perfect tool for sport fishing. When I first received it, I took it apart and greased all its parts; it has kept its shine and optimal performance since then.

Check Prices on the Nor IFS 3000 Spinning 

Buying the perfect spinning reel is a big deal. They all look similar but have vast differences! We hope this short review helped make your decision easier. For any clarifications, drop us a comment.

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