Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker Review

In order to take the best food possible off your grill, you need to first start by putting it in a smoker. Without this first step, you’ll never produce the kind of results you could. Smoking isn’t necessarily for everyone. It’s best reserved for barbeque enthusiasts that love refining their recipes in order to create works of art on their grill. If this sounds like you and you’re in the market for a smoker, take a look at the Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker. This is one of the best electric smokers on the market right now. You’ll get everything you need to create some of the best barbeque you’ve ever had.

The Importance of a Quality Smoker

Whether you’re new to barbecue or you’ve been standing around one for years, you may not appreciate how important a quality smoker is to the end result that ends up on your plate. You see, great barbecue actually begins long before you start up your smoker. It starts with picking the best meats, vegetables, woodchips and other ingredients that will produce the right flavor. But just as important is smoking your meat and veggies before putting them inside your smoking machine.

As you probably could guess, a smoker works by producing a massive amount of smoke. It keeps this smoke contained, however, where it can be absorbed by the meats and vegetables also kept inside. This process can take many hours and demands a consistent amount of heat at a low temperature.

The Advantages of an Electric Smoker

Traditionally, smokers were run off coal, just like conventional grills. They could produce the necessary amount of smoke at the temperature a griller demanded. That being said, these devices still presented a number of unique challenges. After all, the coals had to do more than just produce smoke; they had to produce it at a consistent temperature through the duration of the session.

This meant cooks had to constantly check on their smoker to ensure not only that smoke was being consistently pumped in, but that it was doing so at the correct temperature. You can imagine how much time that took.

But with an electric unit like the Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker, this is no longer an issue. This amazing machine lets you reach temperatures up to 320 degrees for as long as 8 hours. Simply set the digital controls to what you need the smoke’s temperature to be at and how long you need it at that level for. Then go on about your day until it’s time to move things to the grill.

You get 500 watts to work with when you use this smoker. It includes a 125 watt smoking element that produces the effect.

Other Benefits

Electricity isn’t the only thing this machine has going for it though. The unit comes with 4 different cooking racks, so you can easily smoke an assortment of food without worrying about them touching.


This smoker is no small machine, that’s for sure. While there’s no minimum food requirement that needs to be met in order to use the machine, it’s definitely best suited for those who entertain most often.

Inside, this smoker has 2,288 cubic inches to work with. Each of the 4 trays available are 11 inches by 13 inches. Despite its size, this unit only weighs 42 pounds, making it deceptively easy to move around.

Good but not perfect

The smoker is not without its faults, however.

Firstly, like the Bradley Original, this unit has to use special bisquettes made by Bradley. And as you may remember, these bisquettes are a bit expensive, so the cost can add up overtime, especially if you smoke regularly.

Secondly, the unit would be better with a larger heating element – with a 500 Watt element it takes quite a long time to bring the heat up (and some people have reported that the heating element burns out quite quickly after just a few months).

And last but not least, the timer can only be set at maximum 9 hours 40 minutes, which is reasonably long enough but you would still have to reset the timer yourself for longer smoke, which kind of defeat the purpose of an electronic smoker as being ‘a lazy man’s tool’

Other Features

On the outside, this unit features powder epoxy steel. Inside, it’s polished stainless steel. While it looks great, this also makes the inside more durable for standing up against the temperature demands of smoking. Literally everything about this machine is designed to make the experience of grilling easier.

The feeding system for your various bisquettes on this machine is pretty cool. It has a loading mechanism on the outside that stacks them up. Then you decide when to load one in. Once you decide to loan one in, the bisquettes is inserted inside and placed on a hot plate where it will then begin smoking. On the outside, your digital readout lets you know what temperature you’re smoking at.

For superior results on the grill, start with a smoker. For a great smoker that will get the job done, I recommend the Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker.

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