Bradley Original Smoker Review

Bradley has been supplying the restaurant and hotel industries with smokers for over 12 years. With the Bradley Original Smoker, they make their product available to the rest of us. This electric smoker puts the power of smoking into the hands of you and I by creating a smoking process that is, virtually, maintenance-free. Its versatility allows you to cold smoke, hot smoke, slow cook, or slow roast. Let’s have a look at what makes this smoker a popular choice for home use.

No More Watching, Waiting, and Fussing

The genius behind this machine comes in the simplicity that it brings to the process of food smoking. Traditionally, smoking was always a labour intensive process. Combustion had to be diligently monitored to ensure proper temperatures and levels of smoke and ash. Too much heat or too much ash and your batch would be irreparably ruined.

Bradley Smoker made it a personal mission to simplify and perfect the process of smoking. The result is an automated system that watches over the entire process from start to finish and makes the necessary adjustments so that you don’t have to.

Bradley Smoker created a unique smoking bisquette to ensure a perfect smoke every time. The bisquettes are automatically fed and, then, extinguished once they are spent. All you have to do is place your food in the smoker, set the temperature, and walk away.

So Easy a Blind Man Could Do It

There is no exaggerating the simplicity of the smoking process with this smoker. It is really that simple, and to prove that point, one of Bradley Smokers’ biggest fans, a blind man. This man loves the smoke but couldn’t imagine swinging an axe to chop wood to feed that smoke.

This Bradley Smoker makes the process of smoking available to him due to its simplicity. Consumers who have bought this product consistently list ease of use as one of their favorite things about this product. Many have laboured with other types and brands of smokers and they say that they would never go back after having used a Bradley. Ease of set-up and easy cleaning are also noted as additional perks.


Consumers also list the top notch Bradley Customer Service as a major plus. Many mention the ease of getting replacement parts and the kindness that meets their inquiries at Bradley. Parts are sent quickly and directions are easy to follow. The website is also recommended as a great place to find recipes and tips.

Amazing Taste

Reviewers of this unit are very consistent in their admiration of the smoker when it comes to the flavour of the food.  Many say that they cannot compare anything that they’ve ever smoked with the quality of the product that comes out of the Bradley. People speak of wowing their family and friends and being the Talk of the Town. The fool-proof approach to smoking is often attributed to the great flavour that comes out of this smoker.

You Can’t Please Everyone

There is no such thing as 100% consumer satisfaction. Many people have mentioned that they chose the Bradley after countless hours of research on smokers. Of those who did their research, the vast majority are more than happy with their choice of a Bradley Smokers Original Smoker. Of those who aren’t perfectly satisfied, there were a few common complaints.

One of the main complaints is cheap parts. Several reviewers mentioned having to replace parts on the machine straight out of the box. Problems with the bisquette advancer and heating element were cited most often.

Another very common complaint is the premium price of the bisquettes and the difficulty in obtaining them. Many were disappointed to receive their smoker only to discover that it had not come with any bisquettes. Frustration was noted when people were unable to try their smoker until a subsequent order of bisquettes came in. Hence if you order this smoker, be sure to buy some Bradley bisquettes also.


Overall, the Bradley Original Smoker is considered, by a vast majority, to be one of the most satisfying smokers for home use. Consumers consistently cite ease of use and exceptional flavour results as reasons to buy above other brands.

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