Best Cheap Coolers For Outdoor Use

Over the years, the abundance of coolers in the coolers has left buyers with various designs, capacities, and functionalities to choose from. By purchasing one of the best cheap coolers, your family and friends can refresh with cold drinks at anytime, portability is a central component.

Before making your choice, you need to check the coolers’:

Insulation Performance: Excellent coolers are designed to keep food and drink fresh for several days; during long trips, this would be the best choice. Fishermen and hunters should also be able to pack loads of game in them.

Durability: As an outdoor item, the cooler is subjected to considerable abuse. The new models feature a rugged build, large handle, beefy latching-mechanisms and other dedicated featured; traditional coolers are less versatile.

Portability: In any camping or road trip, the cooler is often the heaviest item you will be required to move. All the coolers reviewed here have easy portability and some can even be shoulder-strapped.

Top 5 best cheap coolers under $100

In my review of the best cheap coolers on the market, I came across:

Coleman 120 Quart Extreme Cooler


  • Relatively tough
  • The ice life is excellent
  • Higher-quality materials
  • Tough exterior for durability


  • The screws may strip
  • The cooler’s lid can hold too tight

If you are working on a tight budget but still want a quality marine cooler, the Coleman 30-can Cooler offers you adequate space and easy carriage. For an extended time period during camping or traveling, your drinks and food remain naturally fresh.


This extreme marine cooler has far better insulation than most other coolers. With this model, the lid won’t close too tight and won’t open accidentally either. With the extra insulation, a good chunk of your ice will remain frozen even with frequent opening.

Durability and Mobility

They the cooler has an updated and is slim in design, it is quite heavy when fully packed. The steel hardware and reinforced lids make it possible for the cooler to support loads of up to 250 pound. While the use of stainless steel hinges is good, screws which hold the cooler’s strap down can come undone with continuous use.

FYI: This 120 Quart cooler is better-looking than the previous model and keeps a lot of drinks fresh.

This Extreme series has improved in features like boring looks and poor insulation associated with previous models. For your box to last longer, handle the area around the hinges and screws with care.

Check Prices On the Coleman 120 Quart Extreme Cooler

Coleman Extreme Cooler


  • Commendable insulation
  • Great value for money
  • Packs a lot of food and drinks
  • Has strong handles for easy carrying


  • Looks fairy plain

As an upgraded version of the traditional chest coolers, this model allows you to keep your food and drinks fresh for several days. With the therm-ozone insulation, freshness is assured for up to five days! The detached handles only add to the convenience, allowing you to easily transport the cooler where needed.

Visual Appeal

Available to you in color brown, the exterior design has been optimized for user convenience. With the four cup holders, for instance, you have slots to place your drinks. The cooler’s horizontal stripes and rounded curve face add to the appeal.


With much better insulation than that of non-Extreme options, every camper and marine lover enjoys more hours of freshness. When the cooler’s lid closes, there’s a decent snug for totally sealing out air. The thicker plastic layer contributes to the incredible insulation.

FYI: It is perfect for weekend getaways, it might not last a full five days.

Within its price range, this cooler performs excellently. The slight up-charge from traditional chest coolers is totally worth it, the ice-life is immensely longer, besides being more spacious. If you need all your food cool for the weekend, this will be a worthy choice.

Check Prices On The Coleman Extreme Cooler

Coleman 24Hr 30 Can Cooler


  • Awesome looking
  • Extremely easy to transport
  • Extended carrying space
  • Hard liner for extra protection


  • Cooling life is short

This impressive 30-can cooler has a hard liner, giving an absolute value for money. Standing out from other coolers, it can easily be carried on to any short trip. With the hard liner, all the contents remain stable and intact, preventing regrettable damage.

Extra Features

Looking strikingly similar to the typical backpack, this Coleman cooler has several additional compartments and pockets to increase you carrying capacity. On the exterior, you can carry other materials and tools to go be used during your short stay.

FYI: For 24 hours, all the contents remain excellently cooled; after this, ice starts melting albeit slowly.

Durability and Mobility

Small enough for the user to shoulder-strap, you hardly feel the cooler’s weight when walking. For all the non-perishable items, there is ample storage space all round. The quick-open lid, however, is not all convenient. Softer items remain separated from the hard items.

Are you going out on a day’s trip? You don’t need to bring with you a bulky cooler when you can use this convenient option instead. You get to pack a good amount of food and drink to ensure a comfortable trip and stay.

Check Prices On The Coleman 24Hr 30 Can Cooler

Artctic Zone Titan Zipperless Cooler


  • Smartshelf Technology
  • Patented zipperless design
  • Visually appealing
  • Large storage space


  • The cooling life could do with improving

This 30-can cooler offers the user the convenience of easily carrying their perishables without having to use a zipper. Quick access is enabled by the cooler’s patented flip-open technology; once you’re done, it seals off air and ensures the ice lasts for long. The leak-proof liner allows you to use this cooler on both dry and wet conditions without worry.


Though the cooler claims to keep all its content for two days, this isn’t the case. Though the cooler’s walls have been built relatively thick, the zipperless design leaves room for easy access and exit of air, leading to faster ice breakdown.

FYI: The ice lasts anywhere between 12 and 24 hours depending on how often it is opened. It is perfect for picnicking.


The tough build and excellent sewing ensure the cooler remains intact and functional for a long while. The Smartshelf Technology, for instance, separates soft items from the hard ones. The zipperless design promises to hold up well even with extensive use.

Though this model has quite an underwhelming cooling ability, the other features have been primed to offer maximum user convenience and comfort. The zipperless technology saves you time and effort.

Check Prices On The Artctic Zone Titan Zipperless Cooler

Coleman Party Stacker Cooler


  • Very mobile
  • Can be stacked together
  • Fairly priced
  • Can fit in small spaces


  • Insulation could be improved
  • Quite hard to get a good, comfortable grip

As an ice box, this stacker can help any small to medium organization save loads of storage space. By interlocking with other party stacker coolers, you are able to store a great deal of perishable items neatly. With its thin design, the cooler can be placed under seats as well. There are several colors for the user to choose from.

Durability and Mobility

As a rarely lightweight cooler, this model can be easily ported around by one person without straining. The ability to fasten securely to other similar coolers makes mass transportation easy too. Users, however, don’t get as good a grip as they can with coolers with conventional strapped handles.

FYI: Being relatively thinner, users are advised to handle the cooler gently to extend its durability.

Insulating Ability

With a low profile and thinner walls, this cooler struggles slightly to contain the insulation. Depending on how often you open the lid, you might have to top it with ice after every 3 to 4 hours. This decently large cooler has the capacity to serve many people at a go.

If you require a cooler mainly for commercial purposes, this model will do just fine. Users can pack a great deal of food in a small space.

Check Prices On the Coleman Party Stacker Cooler

Wrap Up

Having the best cheap coolers gives you the convenience you enjoy at home while traveling or camping. Before purchasing, ensure the ice-life meet your needs. For those who fancy picnics and the likes, coolers which can be shoulder strapped and backpacked are the best to go for.

What do you need a cooler for? We can help you pick the most ideal cooler for your requirements. If you have questions or comments regarding these and other coolers, feel free to email us. Did you find this post helpful? Share with your friends on social media.

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