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Figuring out the right cheap mountain bikes require an evaluation of the key features, fit, and style among other factors. Depending on your riding style, your needs will be met by a specific mountain bike type. A good mountain should have compelling features, offering the rider more support at every turn.

Mountain Bike Styles

Cross-Country Bikes: These best suits fast riders who have a prowess in climbing. They are more focused on low weight and high efficiency. If you aspire to be a competitive racer, this is the bike-type for you.

Trail Bikes: As the most common style, bikes in this category can be used for various types of racing. The bikes design balance sensible weight, efficiency, and fun.

Fat Bikes: With their oversize tires, fat bikes have incredible traction and can be comfortably used over snow and sand. The wide reassuring tires make these bikes best suited for beginners.

All-Mountain Bikes: Designed to be nimble enough for uphill peddling and go down steep descents, these bikes have more technical features.

Park/Downhill Bikes: These big and tough bikes are built to endure berms, jumps, wooden ladders, and rock gardens. Riders should wear body armor and full-face helmets at all times.

Reviews of the Best-selling Cheap Mountain Bikes

The best cheap mountain bikes offering you the best features are:

Merax 26” Suspension Mountain Bike


  • Very affordable
  • 21 speeds
  • Lightweight for easy shoulder carrying
  • Available in three attractive colors


  • The bottle holder is low-quality
  • You’ll have to adjust disc brakes every once in a while

Hugely popular among bikers due to its favorable price, this bike is made using the best possible quality components. The heat-treated aluminum, used in the construction of the bike’s frame, makes it super-light. If you often ride up mountains, it will feel comfortable on your should.

FYI: Low-priced aluminum keeps the bike’s price consistently affordable.


As the most important mountain bike component, this bike relies on disc brakes to bring it to a screeching halt even at high speeds. In today’s market, these are the best and safest brakes on a mountain bike.

Compared to traditional V brake or rim brakes, disc brakes are more expensive for offer the strongest support for fast riding.


As one of the best cheap mountain bikes, this model utilizes the best suspension fork. The suspension system can capably handle the heavy terrain and the bumpiest rides. The 80nm suspension fork offers you a nicer, smoother, and more comfortable ride.

Merax Finiss 26” is very attractive in red, white, or black. The comfortable saddle goes for long distances without mildly irritating you. The bike’s high speed can get you to where you wish to be amazingly fast.

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Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full-Suspension Mountain Bike


  • Lightweight build
  • Efficient braking system
  • Arrives 80% assembled
  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Affordable


  • A Short wheel base
  • Lacks a kickstand

The newly-released Gravity FSX 1.0 is quickly making this little-known company go global. Designed with the intent of revolutionizing this sport, the bike features spectacular workmanship, innovative technology, and top-notch components. With this, your trail rides will be more memorable and fun!

Reliable Stopping Power

Mountain bikes which stop on demand are the best picks to take home. With both rear and front disc brakes, this bike has adequate stopping power even beyond the recommended top speeds. On any type of terrain, these brakes bring you to a stop within milliseconds, your ride won’t end up in a nasty disaster.

Great Wheelset

FSX 1.0’s wheel set comprises of aluminum double-wall rims, stainless steel spokes, and aluminum disc hubs. This carefully designed combination gives you the best possible smooth and safe ride; riding over rough terrain with minimal resistance is incredibly easy.

FYI: The bikes 26” MultiThread tires allow easy maneuverability through tight spaces.

Do you want to venture past your comfort zone? Gravity FSX 1.0 is a great way to start exploring. Even on the toughest terrain, your ride will remain stable, comfortable, and smooth.

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Diamondblack Recoil 29er Mountain Bike


  • Great handlebar control
  • Attractive design and colors
  • Ideal gearbox positioning
  • Great price
  • Easily adjustable seat


  • Difficult-to-comprehend assembly instructions
  • Quite noisy mechanical brakes

With simple features but incredible function, this bike offers an amazing experience on the trail. The 29” wheels, sealed-cartridge bearings, 4” suspension travel, and other components all work in tandem to provide the best rider experience. The ride is made even more enjoyable through simple maneuverability and durable performance.

Easy Braking and Gearing

This 2015 Recoil mountain-bike reigns supreme in shifting and gearing. The Shimano 8-speed drivetrain powers the bike through various terrains; cranks are used to ensure more consistent shifting when riding at high speeds. When putting together, these actions create responsive, reliable, and smooth shifting action through all terrain conditions.

FYI: The Tektro Aires mechanical-disc brakes work impeccably in all conditions.

Great suspension and Frame

Suspension and frame determine the ease-of-use and comfort of every mountain bike; the top quality components used in this model make it easy to tackle the most challenging conditions without straining. The full suspension allows the bike to tackle roots, logs, steep decline, boulders, and deep mud with cut-throat efficiency.

With its sturdy built, this bike has been designed to offer you exceptional service and stretch you to your limits. Dense forests and rocky trails will be easy to tackle, thanks to the many comfort and performance features.

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Vilano Blackjack 29er Mountain Bike


  • Incredible frame geometry
  • Smooth shifting of gears
  • Strong wheels
  • Easy handling
  • Very affordable


  • Brakes might need replacement after a while

Coming with a handcrafted aluminum frame, Vilano Blackjack is incredibly durable, strong, and lightweight. Tacking rough terrain and steep hills are achievable with fewer struggles. No matter the landscape, the frame’s geometry takes most of the hit, leaving you to worry about navigation.

The 80nm suspension gives the rider an extremely comfortable ride even over the rockiest terrain. The quality brakes and drive train only add to the bike’s appeal.

Wheels and Rims

Though often overlooked, bike rims are a great determinant of quality, efficiency, and comfort. The strong double-wall alloy rims create a more stable, smooth ride. At 29”, the wheels will tackle all types of extreme terrain.

Low-Profile Handlebars

Vilano features a low profile design, making it easier for you to steer as you maneuver. When riding, you require maximum balance, especially on challenging terrain. With such an ingenious design, you have absolute control on where your Blackjack goes.

Tip: The MTB alloy pedals are long-lasting and won’t be coming apart even under the most stressful conditions

This entry-level bike gives you a wholesome feel of how sports biking feels like, all features have been primed for user convenience, allowing you maximum control and exposing you to negligible impact.

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OPATER 26” 24-Speed Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike


  • Very affordable
  • An attractive design with modern, sporty rims
  • A super-strong frame for longevity
  • Hardy accessories for optimum functionality
  • Foldable for easy carrying and storage


  • Mechanical brakes are quite noisy and require replacement

Featuring top-quality design, this bike has a strong carbon-steel frame; apart from being extra-light, this frame is capable of supporting the rider’s weight along the hilly, rocky, and wet terrain. The fully functioning mechanical brakes will stop this bike instantly.

The bike’s seat has unique micro-suspension, absorbing shocks and providing seamless riding in absolute comfort, most carbon road bikes lack this.

Nice Looking and Sturdy

The bike’s eye-catching frame is made of industrial-grade carbon steel, matching strength properties with light weight. Being a foldable bike, it will be intricately easy to carry and store. This premium quality bike revolutionizes your riding experience, making you go out more!

Exceptional Performance

In functionality, this affordable mountain bike facilitates the seamless shifting of gears, allowing the rider to move even faster for longer. As a traveling companion, this model has a lightweight design and is conveniently compact. A high-performance degree is further guaranteed by comfort and smoothness.

FYI: This collapsible bike can be used by both women and men.

This premium product comes with many accessories which make your riding more productive. Quality assurance is portrayed at every stage, giving you value for your money.

Check Prices On the OPATER 26” 24-Speed Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike


Before wheeling out on your new mountain bike, ensure you have all the bare essentials for easy maintenance. A chain lube, multi-tool, pump, tire levers, and a spare tube should get you started. In many retail shops, clients are offered free 1st tune-up, don’t pass on this!

Which cheap mountain bike will you be getting for thrilling nature trails? Let us know in our comment section. If you found this post helpful, feel free to share on social media, sharing is caring. All the best as you embark on an exciting new journey!

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