Best Cheap Running Shoes for Men 2017

When looking for the best cheap running shoes for men, your local store will likely have few, unsuitable options. For you to perform excellently and enjoy your sporting event, the shoes need to be comfortable and fit perfectly from heel to toe.

You should carefully scrutinize the:


By pressing the shoe’s tip against the floor, you get a feel of how flexible it is. For the best fit, the shoe must flex around at the same places your foot does. Improperly aligned flexes will lead to plantar fasciitis and arch pain.

FYI: When your foot is not flexible enough, you risk developing calf strain or Achilles-tendon.


As you run, your feet significantly lengthen and swell. The right running shoe should have a thumb’s width-of-space between the shoe and long toe, have a shoe filler or friend help out with this. All the toes should freely wiggle up and down. This prevents front-of-the-foot issues.


The cost comfortable running shoes allow side-to-side movement at their forefoot. Along with your foot’s widest part, are you able to pinch a ¼” of upper material? When shoes are too narrow, the little toe’s base sits last on the base.

Instep and Heel

The upper part of your running shoes should feel secure and snug. When there’s inadequate space, you’ll feel tightness and excessive pressure. If the pressure is under the laces, try alternative techniques of lacing before reviewing another shoe.

While the heel should ideally fit snug, it shouldn’t be tight; when laced up, but untied, your foot should easily slide out of the shoe. The heel movement shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If there is any irritation, it will certainly be amplified on hitting the road.

Reviews of The Best Cheap Running Shoes For Men

Here are five of the best cheap running shoes for men:

Asics Gel Kayano 22


  • ComforDry sock liner for absorbing moisture
  • DuraSponge Technology Outsole
  • Forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning
  • Abrasion Rubber
  • Trusstic system for reduced weight


  • It may run tight
  • Slightly heavier than your typical running sneaker

Promoting overall comfort, lightweight material, durability, and flexibility, Asics Gel Kayano 22 features Asics’ exclusive technology. Your feet remain stable and comfortable as you improve your running exercises.

Tip: Asics’ DuraSponge enhances comfort by absorbing the impact encountered as you run; wear and tear won’t show for a long while.


With this shoe, your entire foot will contain a reasonable responsiveness amount around the toe and heel areas. Composed of Gel cushioning, they will positively react to the running motion. At the midsole, this shoe has an incredibly impressive bounce-back.


This shoe has commendable protection in the midsole and outsole. The upper and other shoe parts are made of thin and strong mesh, protecting your feet from abrasive impacts. For extra protection, GEL has been linked from the forefront all the way to the shoe’s rear. Cushioning guards your feet against all incoming impacts.

Available in 8 colors, you have a lot to choose from. Under-heel softness has been placed higher in this shoe since the guidance line’ is much deeper.Are you looking to upgrade your Asics Kayano 21? You will

Are you looking to upgrade your Asics Kayano 21? You will love the durability and extreme comfort experienced with this model. No matter how long your run is, impeccable balance is maintained all through.

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Under Armor Micro G Assert 6


  • Amazing fit
  • Great traction
  • Breathability to enhance cool body temperatures
  • Alternative look
  • Excellent cushioning


  • May feel narrow
  • The sizing is tricky for beginners

This 6th version of Micro G Assert runners’ shoes is ideal for gym training too. The outstanding materials and quality of production assure you of unmatched comfort. If you are looking for running shoes which can double up as casual wear, these will do.

The supportive foam is covered by a soft and breathable mesh, keeping your feet dry throughout. The tailored technology used in the shoes’ design ensures optimal performance.


Even in wet conditions, the outsole has enough traction to steer you through. Strategically placed throughout high-impact zones, the better grip makes your shoe durable without requiring extra weight. The rubber sole’s non-marking properties make the shoe protective, stable, and remarkably lightweight.


A double-layered upper ensures more comfort and cushioning while improving breathability. Your feet remain dry and cool the entire run. Due to improved aeration, sweat leaves your feet and shoes more rapidly.

FYI: When running, your body temperature is determined largely by your feet. When you’re cooler, you can run for longer.

Offering you remarkable comfort, this shoe’s midsole uses Micro G technology, minimizing the impacts felt. The EVA sock-liner is a great cushioning feature.

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Salomon Speedcross 3


  • Lacks the heavy rock plate
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Great responsiveness for trail running shoes
  • Extensively durable
  • Quick-lacing system


  • Could do with more breathability
  • Not the latest Speedcross model

When it comes to running shoes, Salomon is a seldom known brand; the shoes are, however, excellent as running trail choices. The technical and tough terrain is tackled with relative ease. Its main hallmark is good durability coupled with a responsive feel and string protection.


With the main material being EVA foam, the shoe is lightweight and able to fully return energy. When I wore it, the midsole felt like two EVA foam kinds, molded and injected. Together, the impact is reduced even further and energy added to your next stride.

Tip: For a smoother run through the absorption of more shock, the midsole also contain LT Muscle.


To protect your feet, the upper has many features alongside flexibility and breathability. The Anti-Debris Mesh upper, for instance, keeps pebbles and other debris from the trails; this is quite frustrating. To prevent your shoes from getting bogged-down in wet conditions, the upper is conveniently water resistant.

Tip: The mudguard stops mud from getting into the shoe.

Salomon Speedcross 3 weight only 11 oz for men, making it a reasonable trail-running shoe. The extra weight gives you more padding and protection.

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Nike Revolution 3


  • The price is unbeatable
  • Comfortable with a perfect fit
  • Good looking with many color combinations
  • High-quality and unmatched breathability


  • You can’t remove its insole
  • Cushioning could’ve been improved

For a fair price, you can own a pair of the high-quality Nike revolution 3 shoes. Flex grooves give the user complete flexibility, allowing you to run for longer. The grip pattern on the outsole is effective for handling the tough and wet terrain.

FYI: High wear areas have been reinforced for extra comfort.


If you are a runner with larger and wider feet, consider buying a pair that’s half a size larger; those with small feet can go for perfect fits. The toes, at all times, should have enough room to wiggle. Compared to previous Nike models, this is more improved and offers a better fit.

Flexibility and Stability

The Nike Revolution 3 running shoe has been uniquely designed to allow maximum flexibility during natural workouts. The deep vertical and horizontal flex grooves provide you with a smoother stride; you will be able to run for longer than when wearing mainstream running shoes.

Good flexibility and light weight contribute immensely to a more balanced run. This solid shoe works impeccably well in stabilizing the runner’s feet, you will rarely slide and shift around in them.

This uniquely comfortable and extra-lightweight shoe can be used as casual wear when not running. You can wear them all day without feeling the slightest pinch or irritation.

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Asics Gel Ventura 5


  • Various designs
  • Very durable
  • A detachable sock-liner for easier cleaning
  • Super-high performance ensured by the shoe’s sharp tongue
  • Colorful reflective laces
  • Rear-foot Gel cushioning


  • Challenging to clean built-up dirt and dust off the mesh fabric
  • A free return-policy covering only several specified sizes

As a prominent trail-running shoe, Gel Ventura 5 can be used on rocky areas, tarmac roads, and wet surfaces. While running can be done anywhere, serious athletes will always go looking for the most challenging terrain; your feet are securely protected with this model. There are reversed lugs traction for even more maneuverability.


The design and color schemes used in this shoe have an amazing quality/style correlation. Depending on your taste, there is a lot to pick from. Though an effective running shoe, its good looks easily qualify it for casual wear.

FYI: Some color combinations fit a myriad of other applications apart from running.


With so much all-around protection, this shoe has been designed to last you a long while. All the critical areas are well-padded with high abrasion materials for added comfort. While it may be too soon to announce the expected durability, indicators are quite promising.

With its high rate of responsiveness, this shoe assures you of a comfortable run and many other applications. Throughout the exercise, your feet remain safely cushioned from harm, enabling the best performance.

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Final Word

When buying running shoes, comfort is of paramount importance. It would be an exercise in futility should you use tight, uncomfortable shoes. Your toes should be freed up for the best balance and quick-reflex actions.

Which shoes will you be picking and what features intrigued you the most? Let us know in our comment section. Share this content on your social platforms and help out another shopper. Cheers!

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