Top 5 Best Cheap Sleeping Bags

Choosing the best among cheap sleeping bags involves accessing their weight, shape, and how compact they pack. Nights out in the backcountry will be almost as comfortable and warm as being in your actual bed! As you look into the best cheap sleeping bags, here’s what you need to evaluate:

Features: For your sleeping bag to function properly and provide the best comfort, check whether the hood styles, draft collars, zipper types, and other components are functioning optimally. The extras highlight the bag’s overall quality.

Roominess vs. Weight: While backpacking, it is advisable to keep the weight as low as possible. For some campers, however, roominess for a comfortable night’s sleep overrides extra weight.

Temperature Rating: What is your ideal backpacking temperature? Select a bag which meets your needs. When it’s too warm, you can always unzip the bag, adding a liner increases warmth in chilly conditions.

Insulation Type: You can select from synthetic, down, or a combination of the two. As you will learn later, insulation types have their strengths and weaknesses.

Best cheap sleeping bags under 100

In my quest to find the best sleeping bag for all my backpacking adventures, here are five models I tried out:

Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Sleeping Bag


  • Excellent value for money
  • Great insulation and water-proofing
  • Sturdy built and can last for many years
  • Big to accommodate people with larger frames


  • Quite heavy and too large for effortless backpacking

This incredible winter camping bag can keep you warm in chilly zero-degree Fahrenheit; of course, no one goes camping in such conditions. Made of polyester, the bag is amazingly lightweight and waterproof. When laying it down, make sure there aren’t sharp objects which might tear into it.

Useful Features

To keep water from leaking into your bag, the thick two-way zipper has a repellent collar. This mummy-styled bag is designed to wrap round your head and keep you warm from head to toe. Though a cheap bag, it has a solid construction and will last for long when well taken care of.

FYI: At only 4.6 pounds, this bag is quite bulky and big, making it less ideal for backpacking over long distances

Best Use

In cold temperatures, this bag relies on its ripstop polyester cover to keep water off. People of larger frames fit comfortably in the bag, thanks to its broad size and dense padding. Your feet have additional space for free movement.

With its impeccable heat retention, this bag offers you rare comfort in the wilderness, helping you to regain strength after a day’s trekking. Casual and habitual campers will both enjoy the mummy-styled bags with the box-shaped area for free foot movement.

Check Price Of The Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag


  • Great packaging
  • Insulated for extra warmth
  • Guaranteed user comfort
  • Very affordable


  • The design could have included tailored shapes for extra comfort

Do you endlessly turn while sleeping and stretch in all imaginable styles? With the Teton Sports Celsius backpacking bag, your sleeping habits will be well accommodated. Offering you a lot of space for movement, this bag provides unique comfort matching closely to your bed at home.


While the bag’s soft lining isn’t flannel, it feels comfortable against the skin and contributes immensely to wealth. The minimal hood feature is useful in securing a pillow and the camper’s head. The two synthetic insulation layers maintain a veil of warm air all around you.

FYI: The neck collar and the back zipper can be adjusted to reduce airflow from the bag’s top.


At an incredible 36” wide and 90” long, the XXL sleeping bag is starkly similar to typical beds. While there is enough room for a single user to move around, the manufacturers could have added more width. The bag’ brushed-polyester lining feels great against the skin.If you are going out camping in wet areas, this is the bag to tag along. The model, however, won’t unzip fully to be used for other purposes such as picnics.

If you are going out camping in wet areas, this is the bag to tag along. The model, however, won’t unzip fully to be used for other purposes such as picnics.

Check Price Of The Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Backpacking Bag


  • No cold spots since the linen won’t move
  • Easy packaging through the RollControl system
  • Ideal for damp camping
  • Machine-washable
  • Extra size for added comfort


  • Not comfortable for use in extremely cold temperatures
  • Relatively heavy and bulky

Ideally designed for ardent campers, this bag features a tough build and can be used through all seasons. Made of 100% polyester, the outer shell remains sturdy when well taken care of. Even on damp camping grounds, the bag’s waterproof coating keeps the user dry and comfortable.

Comfortable, Rectangular Shape

For improved bag endurance and user comfort, a tricot liner is placed throughout to keep temperatures conveniently high. The 100% cotton inner lining ensures your skin doesn’t get irritated even after hours of sleep.

As you wiggle about in your sleep, the bag’s insulation remains intact, this ensures no heat gets lost, preventing the creation of cold spots.

Additional Features

For easier bag packaging, this model features a RollControl system. The ComfortSmart technology ensures your face remains soft while ZipLow technology prevents the common zip snagging. If you have another bag and wish to make even more room, this model easily zips to other bags.

With many useful features and new technologies, this model takes backpacking to a whole new level. The rectangular shape adds to comfort, making it ideal for people of all sizes. The product comes in red color and with a carry bag.

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Teton Sports Celcius Regular Sleeping Bag


  • A lifetime warranty
  • Build for extremely cold temperatures
  • A large, comfortable sleeping area
  • Interior pocket


  • It is quite uncomfortable for users above 5’9

This high-quality sleeping bag is thoughtfully constructed, allowing warm ventilation all night long. As a camper’s choice, this model uses rugged materials in build and comes with a compression sack. When not in use, it packs tightly and occupies minimal storage space.

Warm With Large Sleeping Area

Compared to other sleeping bags in its category, this bag is roomier and can accommodate large people quite comfortably. To add a luxury feel to your camping experience, the design features brushed flannel linings. Measuring 80” x 33”, the bag appears and feels slightly larger than similar-sized choices.

Innovative Design

This bag’s sturdy taffeta shell is easy to pack and extremely light. If you are camping as a couple, you will love the left and right zippered feature. This model has been survival-rated as one of the best cold-temperature sleeping bags.

FYI: Teton offers all its clients a lifetime warranty, ready at your beck and call when needed.

Coming to you at an affordable price, this sleeping bag offers you rare comfort and undisturbed sleep; with it, you won’t have to grapple with cold spots.

Check Price Of The Teton Sports Celcius Regular Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking


  • Extra-large to accommodate a couple
  • Tough durable build
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Super-comfortable and warm


  • Heavy and bulky when in full size

This practically and economically efficient bag allows you to sleep comfortably anywhere and at sub-zero temperatures. As a cheap alternative to high-end sleeping bags, the user enjoys maximum comfort in this super-sturdy and affordable model.

Can Be Split Into Two Individual Bags

If your partner suddenly has to forfeit the camping trip, you can conveniently unzip the large queen-size sleeping bag into two. This feature allows you, even more, flexibility and lesser backpacking weight. If you are traveling, hiking, or camping, this sleeping bag accomplishes this and much more without wear and tear.

Soft Silky Interior and Tough Durable Shell

The camping-grade polyester material used on the bag’s exterior protects you from cold and dampness throughout. With a thread count of 210, the fabric will last for years without coming apart. For a smooth feel against the skin, the inner lining is comprised of cotton and Tetron, both extremely cozy materials.

FYI: The user gets two sleeping pillows along with the sleeping bag.

For a small family with young kids, this sleeping bag will exceed all expectations; it is spacious enough for two adults and a child. When backpacking with your partner, you can share the load equally for easier carriage.

Check Price Of The Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking


When looking for the best cheap sleeping bags, comfort and quality are often overlooked. The models reviewed here offer a balance between both, leaving you with a simple choice to make. For maximum comfort, sleeping bags must be large enough and made of soft inner linings.

Note: When using your sleeping bag, place it on a flat material rather than on bare ground. This increases longevity.

Which backpacking sleeping bag will you be taking home and why? Let us know in the comment section. If this article was helpful to you, it might be for someone else, kindly share on your media platforms. Happy camping!

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