Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker 30162E Review

If you want to take your outdoor grilling to another level, you have a number of options available to you. However, at some point or another, you’ll need to handle the essentials. One of these mandatory items is a smoker. Until you add one to your barbeque process, you’ll never reach your full potential. Of course, just like with anything else, if you want the best results in smoking, you need to use the best electric smoker. For this reason, I recommend the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker 30162E. Keep reading to find out why.

The Importance of a Smoker

Those who don’t yet own a smoker may be a bit confused about what one does and thus why it’s so important. So let me start by review of the Smoke Hollow 30162E there—by explaining the role a smoker plays in your results.

Smokers are used to prime the meat before grilling it. That’s because smokers can maintain a low level of heat for an extremely long period of time. While it does this, it also produces massive amounts of smoke that holds around the meat so it can be absorbed for more flavor. Some people attempt this with their charcoal grill, which is possible, but not easy. Doing this with a gas grill is nearly impossible.

The benefits

There are many benefits to using this model for smoking your meat. But one of the main advantages is that you’ll never run out of coals or gas. So long as you have a consistent energy source this smoker will continue to perform. This is especially important when it comes to smoking your meat as the process calls for a long duration of consistent heat.

That means smoking with a conventional smoker necessitates constantly checking on it to confirm the heat. You aren’t simply checking to make sure the heat is still producing smoke. You’re constantly checking to make sure the smoke is being produced at a consistent heat that will give you the results you’re looking for.

This can become extremely time consuming and is the reason many people don’t bother with smoking. It can easily become nearly your entire day.

Electric Smoking

With this smoker, your heat is generated thanks to a 1,500-watt component that emanates from the inside. The heating mechanism also features a high temp wood chip box that has a lid and water pain coated in porcelain. The smoker’s double wall construction helps maintain your consistent temperature by keeping the heat and smoke inside where it belongs.


Despite all this device can do, you won’t have to give up too much space to enjoy the results. This device is just 37.5 inches tall when assembled with a width of 22 inches. The smoker itself still provides 19 inches of depth inside so you have plenty of room to place all your favorite meats.

At just 47 pounds, this machine isn’t too difficult to move around when necessary. You’ll also have convenient side handles for help.

But that amount of weight also lets you know you’re dealing with a solid machine that won’t tip over easily or suffer from durability issues.

There is always a but

No product is perfect, and this product is not an exception. A common complaint about this machine is that it is a bit hard to clean after smoking. Another apparent drawback is the smoker is not sturdily built as some have expected. As I have stated in the buying guide, a good electric smoker must satisfy both of these points. Hence this is the reason this device does not make the list of best electric smokers.

The third drawback of this machine is the dripping fat/ juices do not drain into the drip pan like expected. Many have reported that fat will seep out of the door and run down the two front legs of the smoker. So just to be safe you should prepare something to store the dripping fat.


The 30162E Electric Smoker comes with a number of extras that will help you get up and running in no time. It comes with a smoker tray, for example, so you can lay out your meats without issue. There’s also a heat thermometer that makes it easy for you to gauge the temperature your meat is being smoked at from the outside.

There are 2 separate cooking grids inside and 3 different temperature settings to choose from. Once you shut the machine’s door, a magnetic latching system keeps that way until you decide to open it.

Perhaps best of all, this machine is easily assembled so you can get to smoking and on to grilling in no time.

If you like simple barbecue, a cheap gas option may be all you need for satisfactory results. But if you want to serve the best meat and vegetables your grill can produce, then the Smoke Hollow 30162E is a good choice to start with.

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