Smokin-It Model 1 Review

The Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker is the smallest of their offerings, but is still big enough to smoke a whole turkey (or any 22 pounds of meat or seafood) spread over two stainless steel grilling racks with three options for positioning.

Like Model 3, it’s made from 100% 18 gauge stainless steel, which means it’s durable enough to take a beating, but light and portable enough to take on the road. The smoker is fully insulated with fiberglass to reduce heat loss, so it’s also efficient.

At 57 pounds, it’s a heavy-duty tool, but easily portable on its equally heavy-duty casters. This is a professional tool, now available to those of us who do our smoking for our own enjoyment.

Out of the Box

You receive the smoker fully assembled, except for the sturdy casters to make it as portable as possible, which everybody can appreciate. You just attach the casters to the bottom, find a dry, level outdoor area, and plug it in (the enclosed power cord is 12 feet long, but can be used with any grounded extension cord). But aside from choosing your favorite meats, seasoning them, and finding a good place in the yard, the rest is your choice.

You can use this electric smoker to lightly smoke cheese or vegetables or to fully saturate a side of pork with applewood flavor.

A bag of hickory chunks is included with this unit, so you can experiment a bit as soon as you get it home. Put the smoker on a flat, heatproof surface that’s not under a window–the smoke smell hangs around for days sometimes.

Don’t forget to soak your wood so it smolders beautifully (or don’t, depend on your style). Once you’ve got your wet wood, you place it in the included smoke box and set your temperature this smoker’s range is from 100F to 250F–based on the recipe you’re following and the amount of food you’re smoking (a bit over 200 is common).

More Features

The 350-watt electric heating element, which runs on 3 amps of 120-volt single phase power, ignites the wood chips, which burn and smoke at the same time, heating and flavoring the food simultaneously. This technique, which has become one of the most popular and celebrated ways to cook meats–and anything else that you’d like to imbue with a hearty, smoky taste–is one of the most hassle-free and rewarding options for cooking.

Let the smoker get hot before you start timing; if you think the food you’re smoking might drip, you can line the bottom with aluminum foil, but the unit comes with a drip pan that slides under the smoker and a LED light that indicates internal temperature.

And You’re Done!

The great thing about smoking your food is that there’s not much more to it than that. One advantage of using electric smoker is being hands-free. You set the rheostat to the temperature you want, leave it there for the specified amount of time, and have a beer. The ignited wood chips release heat and smoke that fills the chamber, swirling around the food inside and heating it at the same time.

Check on your smoking food about halfway through the cook time to make sure everything is going as planned. Sometimes adjustments need to be made to recipes in the process of cooking due to variations in cuts of meat or variable recipes.

Before you take it out and enjoy it, make sure that your smoked food isn’t undercooked with a meat thermometer (at any cooking goods store or online) and consult the USDA guidelines for safe cooking temperatures for your cut of meat or seafood. In the case of non-meat items, of course, undercooking isn’t a health risk–just a culinary no-no.

Although smoking has traditionally been reserved for heavier meats and seafood–think smoked pork or smoked salmon–the modern smoking renaissance has led to new discoveries in the versatility and applicability of smoking cheeses, veggies, even dishes like stuffing and meatloaf.

Anything that can benefit from a spectrum of tastes, from a fruity-sweet to a deep smoky richness, can and should be smoked–and how better than in the Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker?

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